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Arctic Air™ Ultra


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3pp™ Toe Loops®


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Gel Heel Lifts


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Bunion SoftSplint™


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Acu-Massage Toe Socks


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Fat Freezing Belt


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Toe Straightener


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Copper Fit™ Balance Insoles



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Magno Gloves


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Nasal CPAP Cushion


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Compression Ankle Sleeve


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Silopad™ Gel Tubing


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Heel Hugger®

More Colors


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Ottoman Bed

$35.00 to $199.00

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Easy Grip Giant Nippers


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Item: 073882

Active Arthritis Gloves


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Item: 170101



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Put Your Best Foot Forward with Foot Health Essentials

It's important to take care of every part of your body, from your head all the way to the soles, arches, and heels of your feet. Foot health products, like compression socks for women and insoles, help take care of your feet by lessening and even preventing the aches and pains that make standing and walking difficult. Take control of your foot pain and step out in comfort and style with these foot health essentials.

Improve Blood Flow with Support Stockings

For anyone with poor blood circulation, support hose can be a quick and simple way to gain some relief. Support stockings (also known as compression stockings) support to your lower half by applying constant pressure to your legs and feet. This constriction increases the effectiveness of your blood flow and can help with a number of health problems, like varicose veins.While compression stockings are long enough to reach your thighs, there are also different sizes available to target different needs. Pressure socks come in knee-high and mid-shin lengths. These shorter styles target problems like muscle aches and sprains in the feet. These compression socks for women may also be helpful for reducing pain and swelling in legs and feet that commonly occurs during and after pregnancy. Ankle compression socks are shorter and focus on the ankle. They're great for those who need a little extra support in a fixed area.Since compression socks and hosiery do put a significant amount of pressure onto your feet and legs, it's best to consult a physician before wearing them for extended periods of time. With the right doctor-recommended plan in place, your foot pain will disappear in no time.

Specialized Insoles to Fit Your Every Need

Insoles are a lifesaver when it comes to foot pain. Not only can they reduce your aches and pains, but they're also completely invisible once inside any pair of closed-toe shoes. Never again will you be forced to sacrifice style for comfort! There are three main types of insoles to choose from.

Gel Insoles

Gel insoles are one of the most common types of insoles on the market. These shoe inserts are suitable for anyone who does a lot of walking or has generalized foot pain. They are designed to act as a comfortable cushioned surface in your shoes that gently massages your feet as you go about your day. Gel inserts generally do not target a specific type of foot pain and are rather a solution for reducing overall foot fatigue.

Orthotic Insoles

If you have a specific problem, like balance issues or plantar fascia, orthotic insoles are a great choice. Orthotics are designed to modify the way your feet sit in shoes to correct any pain or posture problems you may have. Support insoles, for example, have special curves to properly position your feet within your shoes and support high arches. If you often go barefoot, you can also try foot supports that fasten to your feet with velcro and provide extra arch support.

Seasonal Insoles

The shoes that you wear in the hot summer months are drastically different from those you don in the dead of winter. Likewise, the insoles you use from season to season may also carry different features. When the weather turns chilly, look for thermal insoles that heat up and keep you warm while providing a layer of cushioning to your tired feet. Warming insoles use wicking materials to keep your socks dry in wet weather. Moisture-wicking materials are also used for summer-appropriate insoles to wick away sweat and moisture from humidity. These breathable insoles repel odors and keep you cool as the sun beats down. While traditional insoles are built for running shoes or boots, there are even some special insoles that are made especially for sandal wearers. They have a cut-out notch that fits between the toe strap and come in clear colors so they're minimally noticeable once attached.

Other Tools You Need to Keep Foot Pain at Bay

While special socks and insoles are the biggest and most important items in the foot pain space, there are also many smaller items that can make a big impact. Toe loops, for example, are small fabric loops that wrap around your toes to reduce friction and encourage correct toe positioning. These multi-use products can help with crooked toes, bunions, and can even stabilize minor toe fractures.Foot creams and lotions are other important products to keep in your medicine cabinet. Foot creams are fast-acting lotions that relieve pain as they're massaged into the skin. Easy to apply for pain on top of foot or ball of foot painpain on top of foot or ball of foot pain. Since many of these creams are also quite hydrating, they'll also help to soothe cracked skin and reduce itchiness or irritation. Foot creams are a perfect at-home product for times when you need fast pain relief. Foot massagers are another popular product that can be used in the comfort of your own living room. Most foot massagers are long, skinny devices that have rolling balls or other pressure points. As you roll the device onto your feet, you can vary the pressure for a massage that's as gentle or as deep as you like. These massagers are easy to use and provide instant relief to sore muscles.Anyone who's ever experienced foot pain knows how bothersome it can be. When you're experiencing pain in your feet, simple activities like walking, climbing stairs, or even just standing become monumental tasks. With foot health essentials like insoles, foot creams, and compression stockings, you'll always have the tools you need to reduce, or even prevent, unpleasant foot pain.

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