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Home Accessories

From functional items that save you time, money and energy to decorative accents that breathe new life into a space, we carry a wide array of electronics and furnishings for the home. Check out what's in store at the Feel Good Store.

Kitchen Appliances

Owning the right kitchen tools and appliances are essential for reducing the time you spend preparing and cooking meals. At the Feel Good Store, you'll find a huge assortment of kitchen gadgets designed to save you time, money and counter space. Choose from coffee makers, drink blenders, electric burners, pressure cookers and more. Start by browsing our full range of Red Copper cookware, which is known for its superior heat distribution, non-stick surface, and scratch-resistant properties. Red Copper bakeware, pots and pans allow you to bake, broil, fry, sauté or sear just about anything, without the need for butter or oil. Best of all, you won't need to do any scrubbing to get Red Copper cookware clean. Simply rinse your pots with dish washing liquid, or pop your pots and pans into the dishwasher to restore their original gleam.Don't want to use your stovetop to prepare a meal? We offer a wide selection of countertop cooking appliances for cooking everything from scrambled eggs to french fries. Whether you're looking for an electric burner, a portable grill, a pressure cooker or an air fryer, you'll find the right appliances in this section to suit your budget, lifestyle and kitchen decor.

Home Electronics

Want to equip your home with the latest technology without breaking the bank? We carry dozens of home electronics designed to keep you powered up, connected and entertained. Browse our Entertainment section to discover amazing deals on portable cd players, DVD players, HDTV antennas, Bluetooth speakers and wireless headphones.While you're shopping our Electronics section, don't forget to pick up a few extra chargers for your new gadgets. Having a couple of power banks on hand is a good idea if you live in an area that experiences frequent electricity outages. Don't want to have to charge yet another gadget? Enjoy ultimate freedom from cords with a solar power bank.

Home Furnishings

Whether you just want to replace a few outdated pieces or are planning to give your home a whole new look, we have the home furnishings you need to make your vision a reality. Shop from a wide selection of accent pieces, including cushions, throw blankets, clocks, side tables and utility tables.Looking for a furniture piece that can do double duty? The Ottoman Bed is the perfect solution for those who are short on space. This multi-functional ottoman serves as a foot rest for everyday use, and converts into a twin bed for the occasional overnight guest. Placing an aromatherapy diffuser on a night stand, desk, or side table is an easy way to create a relaxing ambiance while also providing an interesting focal point for the room. In our Home Furnishings section, you'll find a variety of diffusers that will not only make any room of your home smell like a luxury spa, but will also serve as a conversation piece.

Climate Control

Indoor space heaters can provide the extra warmth you need in draughty areas of the home or in rooms that aren't connected to central heating. We carry many different types of space heaters for the home, from compact models that plug into a wall outlet to miniature fireplaces that recreate the and ambiance of a crackling wood-burning fire.Plug-in space heaters are ideal for small spaces that need an extra boost of heat, such as a bathroom, a home office, or a small guest bedroom. In addition to powerful ceramic heating elements that are capable of warming an area of up to 250 square feet, these small heaters offer a number of energy-saving features - including programmable timers, adjustable thermostats and automatic shut-off.Need to heat a larger space? Standalone space heaters are generally more powerful than plug-in models and can warm an area of 600 feet or more. Simply choose your desired heat setting, and the thermostat will adjust automatically to maintain your ideal temperature. There are two main types of standalone space heaters: conventional, or fan-forced, space heaters and infrared space heaters. Fan-forced space heaters circulate warm air throughout a space with the help of a built-in fan. Many of these heaters use ceramic heating elements to provide a more even distribution of warm air. Unlike a conventional heater, an infrared space heater doesn't emit any air. Instead, this type of heater emits warmth in the form of radiation waves. This heat penetrates the furnishings and other objects in the space, eliminating the need to use central heating and saving you hundreds of dollars in annual energy costs. Infrared heat has also been shown to relieve joint and muscle pain by helping increase blood flow. If you suffer from arthritis or other conditions associated with inflammation, using an Infrared Therapy Lamp in addition to an infrared space heater can help you target specific areas of the body in order to reduce swelling and eliminate soreness.Want to cool down a specific area or room of your home? Try placing an evaporative cooler in the space to draw warm moisture out of the air. The Kool-Down Evaporative Air Cooler is the perfect option for anyone wanting portable and convenient cooling for a radius of up to 7 feet. Simply add cold water to the tank and turn the unit on to enjoy up to 10 hours of ultra-quiet cooling. Its compact design makes this evaporative cooler the ideal addition to any desk, night stand or kitchen counter.Looking for the best of both worlds? The Four Seasons 4-in-1 Air Purifier, Heater, Fan and Humidifier combines heating and cooling functions into one compact unit, ensuring your comfort year round. Featuring a HEPA air purifier, a multi-speed fan, ceramic heating elements and a high-capacity humidifier, the Four Seasons allows you to precisely control the temperature and humidity levels of your space, no matter the season or climate.The Feel Good Store puts the latest home technology and decor at your fingertips. Browse our collection of functional and stylish items for the home today.

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